Social Media Bill Ignores Real Issue

Media Statement

15 April 2019

Following the Christchurch massacre live video streaming incident, the Australian Government is pushing for new social media legislation.  This new law seeks to punishes the social media platforms and their executives with jail and multi-million dollar fines, but fails to address the individual users who share abhorrent content online.


ISMA agrees that social media laws must be changed to address these issues, but seeks a more holistic approach to law making which takes a considered approach involving all stakeholders.  "We need education and effective solutions which can be followed by all, rather than rushing through with ineffective legislation that takes aim only at the social media platforms whilst ignoring the offending users" says Sara Delpopolo, the President of ISMA.

For more information, please contact: Head of Policy & Advocacy at or +61 2 8006 9964.