Global News

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris asks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to consider suspending Trump’s account - Lauren Ferrier, CNBC (2 October 2019)

Trip fake review

TripAdvisor fake reviews: Transparency report reveals 1.4 million fake reviews submitted - Michael Fowler, (18 September 2019)

Kurtis Whaley

Man charged with 'sextortion' of teen to face new charges over 35 children - Lucy Cormack, Sydney Morning Herald (4 September 2019)

Apple siri

Apple apologises for strangers listening in on conversations - Mae Anderson, (30 August 2019)


Public servant loses free speech High Court case over tweets criticising government policies - Elizabeth Byrne, ABC News (8 August 2019)


Israel Folau launches court proceedings against Rugby Australia, NSW Waratahs over unfair dismissal claim - David Mark, ABC News (1 August 2019)

instagram privacy

Teens Making Instagram Business Profiles Could Cause Privacy Issues - Zia Zaidi, Digital Information World (30 July 2019)

Trump blocks critics

Trump's blocking of Twitter critics unconstitutional: U.S. appeals court - Johnathan Stempel & David Shepardson, Reuters (10 July 2019)

Youtube Oreo prank

YouTuber Sentenced To Jail Over Oreo Toothpaste Prank - Nina Golgowski & Sanjana Karanth, Huffington Post (4 June 2019)

US Visa social media

United States visa applicants now required to hand over social media usernames - ABC News (3 June 2019)

Fatal crash selfie

Woman in Snapchat crash selfie ‘wrote off’ own car - (1 May 2019)

Australian Electoral Commission boots online blitz to counter fake news - Simon Sharwood & Julian Bajkowski, IT News (16 April 2019)

Facebook to stop its algorithms doing their job in push to stem hate - Elizabeth Dwoskin, Sydney Morning Herald (11 April 2019)

UK white paper

orism All that's wrong with the UK's crusade against online harms - Gian Volpicelli, Wired (9 April 2019)

Australia plans tough laws for social media sites that don't take down violent content - Australian Associated Press (30 March 2019)

Queen 1st post

The Queen Posts on Instagram for the First Time - Anthony Cuthbertson, Independent (7 March 2019)


Bullying: 'our daughter’s beautiful light has dimmed' - Wendy Squires, Sydney Morning Herald (12 October 2018)

Turnball security bill

Turnbull government security bill threatens online privacy - Denelle Dixon, Sydney Morning Herald (14 August 2018)

FB shares plunge

Shareholder sues Facebook after stock plunges - Hamza Shaban, Washington Post (31 July 2018)

Mona in court

Tourist in Egypt Mona el-Mazbouh gets eight years' jail over Facebook video - Traveller (9 July 2018)

Private mural

Only 'Influencers' Can Take Photos at This LA Mural and People Are Pissed - Justin Caffier, Vice (27 June 2018)

Nebraska Tinder murders

Nebraska couple charged with brutally murdering, dismembering Tinder date - Nicole Darrah, Fox News (12 June 2018)

Bryan Colangelo

76ers boss Bryan Colangelo reportedly used fake Twitter accounts to criticise players and share sensitive information - Fox Sports (30 May 2018)

Amazon Echo

Alexa sent private audio to a random contact, Portland family says - Ry Crist, CNET (24 May 2018)

Cambridge Analytica office

Cambridge Analytica Closing Operations Following Facebook Data Controversy - Rebecca Ballhaus, The Wall Street Journal (2 May 2018)

Jim Carey_edited

Jim Carrey Vows to Dump Facebook Stock, Delete Personal Page - Patrick Shanley, Hollywood Reporter (2 June 2018)

Mohammed el-Swami

How Facebook friends saved one man from execution - Linda Morris, Sydney Morning Herald (26 April 2018)


Weibo reverses ban on gay content after outcry in China - Chris Baynes, Independent (17 April 2018)


Zuckerberg admits 'mistakes' in Cambridge Analytica scandal - IT News (22 March 2018)


The 'InstaLiars': Australia's influencers with fake followers - Jennifer Duke, Sydney Morning Herald (13 March 2018)

Kellly ODwyer_edited

Minister for Women pressures social media giants over sexual harassment 'trolls' - David Crowe, Sydney Morning Herald (5 March 2018)

Kyle Jenner

Kylie Jenner just wiped $1.7 billion off Snap’s market cap, and the worst isn’t over for the stock - Annie Pei, CNBC (22 February 2018)

Telsa hacking

Death by hacking is no longer a far-fetched idea - Ben Grubb, Sydney Morning Herald (11 February 2018)

Facebook hate posts

British MPs call for German-style law to block hate speech on social media - Laurence Dodds, The Telegraph (28 July 2018)

Online challenge

Latest online teen 'challenge' has fatal consequences - Mark Molloy, Essential Kids (15 January 2018)

Danes share sex online

A thousand young Danes charged after sharing video of teens having sex - Martin Selsoe Sorensen, Sydney Morning Herald (16 January 2018)

Benjamin James Russell

Young teen received more than 600 emails from 34 year old posing as 15 year old - Lucy Cormack, Sydney Morning Herald (14 October 2017)

School Children: Smartphones, Sexting and Sexual Harassment - Sara Delpopolo, The Educator (9 October 2017)

Russia Pokemon Go

Russian facing jail for Pokemon Go in church risks further charge - Yanan Wang, Washington Post (7 September 2017)

airdrop & sex offenders

How Smartphones Are 'Ushering In A New Wave Of Sex Offenders' - Sophie Gallagher, Huffington Post (27 August 2017)


Blogger Shane Dowling jailed for contempt for naming Tim Worner's alleged lovers - Michaela Whitborn, Sydney Morning Herald (10 August 2017)

3 gov ministers

The texts that could cost three government ministers their jobs - Peter Martin, Sydney Morning Herald (21 June 2017)

Few Australians Trust Social Media W

Few Australians Trust Social Media With Personal Information But Most Do Little About It - David Glance, The Conversation (22 May 2017)

Steve Stephens

Manhunt in Cleveland After Video of Killing Posted to Facebook - Alex Johnson, E.D. Cauchi & Tim Stelloh, NBC News (18 April 2017)

Social media revolution?

Social media revolution? Legal uncertainty and the case for global harmonisation - Sara Delpopolo & Noyan Nalbantoglu, World Trademark Review, May 2017

John Fawkner hospital

Dozens of patients' medical records found lying in Melbourne street - Julia Medew, The Age (26 March 2017)

T&Cs on social media

Choice calls for crackdown on unreasonably lengthy online consumer contracts - Lucy Cormack, Sydney Morning Herald (15 March 2017)

30 percent of Australians Still Pira

30 percent of Australians Still Pirate Online Material: Choice - Asha Baraschow, ZDNet (4 September 2015)

Cyber War: A Guide to State-Sponsore

Cyber War: A Guide to State-Sponsored Digital Assaults - Aleesha Matharu, CatchNews (13 February 2017)

When Brands Try Too Hard On Social M

When Brands Try Too Hard On Social Media - Blake Morgan, Forbes (31 August 2015)

SoundCloud is Being Sued by a UK Lic

SoundCloud is Being Sued by a UK Licensing Company for Not Paying Royalties - Lizzie Plaugic, The Verge (27 August 2015)


Bronwyn Bishop's Facebook cover photo angers social media - Brittany Rupert, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 July 2015


Google handled 345 million copyright takedowns in 2014 - Joe Mullin, ars Technica (1 July 2015)